Slotted Headstock Steel string (Brazilian & Snakewood)


When designing this guitar with my client and friend, he wanted me to create a guitar with a “Wow” factor, but at the same time, one that would retain an element of refinement and richness. It’s on that edge where two different extremes collide that I feel, when balanced properly, something magical happens; so that is what we set our sights on achieving visually. Tonally it was to be powerful and responsive to the lightest touch with clarity, separation, and balance.

The Details

After careful consideration we chose the materials to start bringing out dream into reality. I had been saving some special Snakewood for many years, and decided to use it for the accents such as the fingerboard, bridge, headstock veneers, and back strip for an understated and exotic natural element.

To add some flash to the rich natural color pallet, we decided to add a very thin white mother of pearl purfling around the top and fingerboard and matching falling leaf inlays of the same material.

The graceful falling leaf extends down the fingerboard to the single leaf on the hand carved Snakewood bridge, and the white pearl dots in the Snakewood bridge pins and on the side of the fingerboard add another subtle touch of sparkle and unify the design.

The Woods

The Brazilain rosewood back needed no help from me; it had plenty of its own wow factor built in. For the bindings, I had a small stash of highly flamed Hawaiian Koa that was unusually dark colored and it just happened to have the perfect color to work harmoniously with the rosewood and the Snakewood accents.

The headstock is overlayed with Snakewood on the front and back and has custom hand made tuning machines (also with Snakewood buttons) slightly offset, mirroring the asymmetry of the Genesis body shape.

The guitar is very lightweight and comfortable to hold and play. The gentleman for whom I made this guitar was in a motorcycle accident years ago, and needed the guitar neck to be as comfortable as possible to play, so he could reach the notes with minimal strain on his hands and left wrist. I created a special neck design in both the width and profile to give it maximum comfort and to fit his playing style and needs. The final instrument exceeded both of our expectations and truly is something special we are both proud of and that he can enjoy for many years to come.

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