Elevated Fingerboard Acoustic Guitar


This guitar is the latest version in the evolution of the Genesis guitar project that I began in 2000. It incorporates several new design features and improvements, the most striking being the elevated fingerboard design.

I am extremely excited about this model as it some how has the perfect balance of qualities, than certain something where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I sometimes would sit for hours just listening to the notes, not really playing music but lost in the rich complexity and subtle power of the voice of this guitar. Its long gone now in its new home in Australia but I still think of it often.

Having the elevated fingerboard provides better access to the upper frets which is great but it does something even better than that too. It slightly changes the angle at which the strings approach the soundboard. Its not a huge difference but enough to make a very noticeable improvement in the *voice of the guitar.

With the elevated fingerboard design the arrangement of bridge, neck, and fingerboard moves a step closer to being like a harp. On a harp the string approaches the soundboard at a very steep angle and the sound is well,….. harp like. Maybe lush, round, full, pure …… there are many words I can use to describe what I experience when hearing a harp and hearing this guitar. The guitar with the elevated fingerboard simply sounds better in my opinion and as a bonus is also easier to reach the upper frets. I think it looks cool too!

I have a nylon string version of this design with the addition of fan frets that you can see by clicking the following link. Nylon String Fan Fret Guitar I’m hoping to build a fan fret steel string elevated fingerboard version of this guitar soon, which I believe will be another giant step in the evolution of the Genesis project.

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