Cremona Archtop Guitar


The driving force and inspiration for my work as a luthier has always been rooted in never saying a design is good enough, in relentlessly pursuing higher and higher levels of excellence, and continual refinement in vision and sound.

This newest iteration of my Natura archtop guitar model continues this tradition of continual refinement and improvement. Some of the biggest breakthroughs are those that you can not even see, but somehow you can sense even when you simply look at the guitar.

One thing is for sure; the difference is unmistakable when you hear it!

Among the many advancements are the total refinement of the top and back architecture, graduation, and voicing treatments. The body tuning and subtle load balancing of the top and back plates allow for even more sensitivity and power.

The Cremona archtop guitar exists on the razors edge where the acoustic volume is enormous while the tone remains warm, full, and deeply complex with a harmonic richness unlike anything I have heard before in an archtop guitar.

The finish is the result of many years of research and testing starting around 2007 when I began scientifically experimenting with various resins and other materials based on historical documents about the Cremonese violin varnishes. This guitar has a special new finish possessing a type of color that does not in any way hide the woods grain. A color that seems to change like fire as the light moves through it. Even though it is only a couple thousandth of an inch thick, looks like a deep, still, pool of water.

A unique blend of oils are used in conjunction with carefully chosen resins and other ingredients that are treated with my special process taking several weeks to prepare each small batch. This special formula adds an earthy and real diamond-like fire to the wood grain, enhancing the woods flame, chatoyance, and natural beauty.

Most importantly though, it also enhances the sound or voice of the guitar far beyond a typical synthetic guitar finish.

The result is a finish that lets the voice of the instrument stay woody and natural, while remaining warm and sweet, and with an extremely unique harmonic complexity.

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