The Golden Hour 17 Acoustic Archtop


The Golden Hour 17″ Acoustic Archtop Guitar is a labor of love, deeply inspired by the magical moments of the Golden Hour, that time just before sunset when everything is bathed in a warm, golden light. This period has always resonated with me, symbolizing peace, fulfillment, and an almost timeless flow.

The idea for this guitar began back in 2012, around the time I launched The Art Of Lutherie website. As I delved into photography and videography for my articles and courses, I learned about the Golden Hour and its significance in creating stunning visuals. This knowledge not only enhanced my appreciation for this time of day but also inspired me to incorporate its essence into my guitar-making.

I envisioned the Golden Hour guitar as an instrument that would embody the warm, golden light of sunset in its sound, vision, and voice. Every aspect of its design was chosen to reflect this theme. For the wood, I selected materials that produce warm, rich tones, and the appointments were carefully crafted to visually represent the serene and glowing nature of the Golden Hour.

The guitar’s top is made from a beautifully aged Curly Bear Lutz Spruce, providing a responsive and resonant soundboard. The back and sides are constructed from Fallen Giant Figured Mahogany, which not only adds visual beauty but also contributes to the guitar’s warm and powerful acoustic tonal character. The bindings and inlays are made from materials that provide contrast and that highlight and reflect the golden hues of the setting sun, adding to the overall aesthetic harmony.

As I built this guitar, I poured my own sense of peace and fulfillment into every step, from selecting the wood to carving and finishing. My hope is that the future owner will feel this same sense of calm and joy whenever they play it, experiencing their own “Golden Hour” each time they pick it up.

Golden Hour 17" Acoustic Archtop By Tom Bills

This guitar is not just an instrument; it’s a story, a feeling, a moment captured in time. It’s my vision of the Golden Hour brought to life, meant to provide its owner with a daily dose of beauty, tranquility, and inspiration.

For more details and a behind-the-scenes look at my approach to creating this instrument, you can Check Out The Full Article Here

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