Natura Elite II 16 Inch Archtop Guitar


The Natura Elite is the highest model of guitar that I make and it is crafted from the absolute best of all materials obtainable. This is one of my favorite Natura Elite guitar models that I have made yet. The quilted maple used on this guitar is breathtaking in and of itself. It is some of the most beautiful and deeply figured quilted maple that I have ever seen. In addition to the depth of figure in this wood it is incredibly even, light weight, and resonant too. The guitar itself is very light weight with a neck that seams to disappear in your hand due to its comfortable shape and low action. In fact, the fingerboard is literally perfect as reported by a PLEK machine which after scanning it with a laser confirmed its almost flawless fretwork and set up.

A striking and special feature of this guitar is the unique treatment to the bindings. It is inlayed with a very thin and subtle strip of gold mother of pearl in the purflings which adorn just about every possible place on the guitar that can be bound. This stunning inlay gives the guitar an added touch of subtle sparkle and modern elegance while staying within the classic archtop guitar style. The “falling leaf” fingerboard inlays and “B” logo are hand cut and inlayed in Gold mother of pearl to match the purfling inlays.

Warm, Resonant, Responsive, Alive; are some of the most common words I have heard people use to describe this guitar’s beautiful voice and I personally have to agree. I have also heard others describing the wonderful harmonic complexity and richness present in each note of this guitar which only adds to the beauty and clarity of every chord.

The floating pickup was hand wound by Jason Lollar for just the right tone within an elegant custom hand crafted ebony pickup case. The tone has a truly vocal quality both acoustically and amplified that seams to effortlessly sing each note. The action is very soft feeling due to the precise adjustment and harmony of the guitar’s geometry of neck angle, bridge height, and tailpiece angle; but still maintains the correct amount of downward pressure on the bridge for maximum power and dynamic range.

  • 25″ scale
  • Lower Bout 16″
  • Master Grade Private Stock Aged Sitka Spruce Top
  • Mater Grade Private Stock Quilted Maple Back and Sides
  • Fossil Walrus Ivory Nut
  • Gold Mother of Pearl Inlayed Purflings
  • Gold Mother of Pearl Hand Cut “B” Logo and Falling Leaf inlays
  • Two way Truss Rod
  • Double Carbon Fiber Neck Reinforcement
  • 1.69″ Nut Width
  • Quilted Maple Binding on Body and F holes
  • Ebony Bound headstock, finger board, pick guard, and tailpiece
  • Solid Ebony; Headstock veneer, bridge, Pick-guard, and Tail-piece
  • Custom made Jason Lollar pickup
  • Hand Rubbed French Polish shellac varnish Finish
  • Double Reflex Tuning
  • Grain-matched, Hand-split Tone Bars
  • Tap Tunning
  • Hand-graduated Sound Board and Back
  • T³ tuning machine holes
  • Multi-laminated Head Stock
  • Gotoh Antique Gold Delta Series tuners with black Knobs
  • High Quality Volume and Tone Controls (under pick guard mount)
  • BAM case

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Natura Elite 16 Inch Archtop Guitar

Natura Elite 16 Inch Archtop Guitar

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