Fanned Fret Guitar Nylon String


Some days I feel like the most blessed person in the world as I quietly shape and smooth each piece of wood, carefully crafting my next work of art; in this case a new fanned fret guitar. Each time the experience is different, as different and unique as the clients for whom I am creating each guitar. I love the fact that the guitars are never the same. It’s easy for me to do that because I make each guitar specifically for someone, for a friend. Some clients I’ve only just met, others I may have built many guitars for, but no matter what, it’s is a privilege to create an instrument for them that they can enjoy for a lifetime.

This fanned fret guitar is certainly one that was special to me. There is a certain richness to it, that just seems to look “delicious” for lack of a better word. The warm brownish- red tones seem to glow under the hand rubbed shellac varnish.

The fingerboard has a 20″ radius for easy fretting and a comfortable transition so steel string players can feel at home too. The action and construction of the neck geometry are engineered in a way that lets the full voice of the instrument ring out even with the gentlest touch. I set it up to play with ease, no classic guitar technique required, and the guitar played with a silky smooth ease that even I could enjoy with my rusty playing chops. However with a simple adjustment to the truss rod, the neck relief and action can be fine-tuned to match a more aggressive classic right hand style using nails if desired. The neck profile was carved to a more slim and fast playing shape as compared to the larger traditional classic guitar shape.

The saddle is precisely adjusted for perfect intonation and the fan frets further enhance the overall harmony and in-tune-ness of the guitar by cutting down I on clang tone and evenly balancing string tension and feel.

The modern fanned fret bridge design without the tie block significantly reduces the weight and increases volume and responsiveness.

The elevated fingerboard paired with the asymmetry of the body shape give extra access to the upper frets and also changes the angle of approach that the strings relative to the soundboard and bridge. This adds a more rich and harp-like sweetness to the guitars powerful and versatile voice.

Fanned Fret Guitar Specs

Back/Sides: Brazilian Rosewood
Top: German Moon Spruce
Neck: Honduras Mahogany
Bindings: Macassar Ebony
Perfling: Lacewood/dyed Maple
Tuners: Custom Made Gilbert
Pickup: K&K
Scales: 25.4 – 26.1
Case: Custom Hoffee

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