The Art Of Lutherie Guitar Making Book


If you play guitar  professionally or just for fun, or if you’re a luthier and have built 1 or 100 guitars, you probably will agree — there is always more to learn. That’s one reason we all love building and playing  guitars so much right? It’s an endless and rich journey of discovery and growth. My hope is that my new Book/DVD will provide you with fresh inspiration and new found insights into the deeper inner workings of the guitar itself. In it I share with you what I consider to be some of the most valuable insights and techniques that I have learned, all of which I use everyday when crafting my own custom guitars for my clients around the world.

I took a different approach when writing this book.  I put a lot of thought into how it would be laid out, structured, and even how it was bound. I’ll explain a little bit about this below, but for the full description, a sneak peak into the book itself, and more, visit this link: The Art Of Lutherie Book & DVD

The Perfect Companion To Any Step-by-Step Guitar Making Guide

With so many great step-by-step guitar making guides available, I decided that the best way I could help the aspiring guitar builder was to share valuable secrets and insights that go beyond just “step-by-step”. “The Art of Lutherie” is NOT a Step-By-Step or “How To” make guitars book, but is designed to be a companion to the step-by-step manuals so that you can be empowered to see beneath the surface of the steps themselves, and make educated choices as you build your guitar, making your OWN choices and understanding “WHY”. I believe this can unlock a new-found freedom to truly create YOUR art, and can take your guitars to a new and higher level.

Visit The Link Below To:

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  • Check out the table of contents
  • Read a detailed description Of whats in the book
  • See the list of videos included on the DVD
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