Seven String Modern Acoustic Guitar


If you are looking for a small comfortable acoustic seven string guitar with a deep, powerful bass…. look no further!

The G2 seven string model is only 14.5″ wide in the lower bought and yet still has more bass than many guitars much larger. I’m sure you have heard the acoustic seven string guitars where the bass string was a like a loose rubber band and was obviously an afterthought to the guitars design, this is not one of those guitars.

The G2s guitar design allows for a longer vibrating surface of the top which in effect increases the usable (to make sound) area of the top of the guitar. This helps to move more air and thus a fuller, deeper, louder tone. Kind of like the difference between an 8″ woofer and a 16″ woofer on your home stereo.

This guitar is now available in both the elevated finger board and fan fret multi scale versions. The guitar pictures has a 25.4 scale but custom scales are available upon request.

7 string acoustic guitar:

  • Bear Claw Sitka Spruce Top
  • Indian Rosewood Back and sides
  • Koa Binding. 14  Fret neck and asymmetrical headstock.
  • Snake wood fingerboard and inlays
  • 25.4″ scale
  • 14.5″ wide lower bought
  • Amazingly powerful voice

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