Sarzana Acoustic Guitar Festival Pictures


Luthiers John Montelone and Tom Bills

It’s time for the annual Sarzana Acoustic Guitar Festival in beautiful Sarzana Italy again. Unfortunately this year I won’t be able to attend, but I thought I would share some of my pictures from last year (2011) when I was able to spend some time at the guitar show as well as see some of the other wonderful sights in Italy. Of course, the highlight of my trip was spending time with my wonderful fiends who you will see in the photos. It was a trip I will never forget, full of good friends, beautiful sights, great guitars, and good food.

I spent a few days visiting Rome and then took a wonderful drive north through Tuscany with my fiends as we journeyed up to Sarzana. The guitar show was wonderful as well, with great music, talented luthiers, and stunning scenery. One of the highlights for me was spending some time with luthier John Monteleone. We had some quiet time to talk lutherie; exchanging ideas about arching,  aesthetics, and archtop guitar tone while looking over each others guitars, playing some tunes, and having some laughs.

The ancient stone fortress in which the guitar festival is held annually was simply beautiful as well and had such a feeling of  history to it. Being from America it isn’t very often I find myself in any structure that is so old and has seen so much. It is sturdily built atop the green rolling hills with brightly colored hotels and homes dotting the landscape and similar stone fortresses on hilltops in the distance.

The town of Sarzana is simply wonderful, everything I expected and more. Having dinner at an out door restaurant after the guitar show and then walking around the town square, taking in the sights and sounds, and always meeting friendly people. On the first day as we were approaching the entrance to the main street there was a guy playing music just like I used to see in the movies inside of an arched entryway that lead to a narrow, bustling street full of people talking and hurrying about. The houses were painted bright colors and even had people talking from balcony to balcony across the street.

I am still very appreciative to my gracious Italian friends who made the trip possible for me and I am looking forward to the next time I get to visit and attend the show.

Until then, I hope all of you who are attending this year’s event have a wonderful time as I’m sure you will! – Tom

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