Kiwi 17 Inch Archtop Guitar


The Kiwi archtop was designed and lovingly crafted for a client who lives in New Zealand. He wanted it to reflect is home country and we felt the fern frond was a great way to do that. The curves of the fern frond were uses in the main inlay as well as underlying design of the sound holes. The woods are flamed maple back and sides, spruce top and curly Koa bindings. I’ll let him tell you about how it sounds and plays:

“The archtop is just simply the best guitar ever, it draws my breath back every time I open the case. The sound holes are more than just pleasing to the eye, it’s so loud acoustically that in a practical sense the design really works and it’s got the best neck for play-ability”

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Natura Elite 16 Inch Archtop Guitar

Natura Elite 16 Inch Archtop Guitar

This Natura Elite archtop was featured in my book, "The Creation Of The Natura Elite Archtop Guitar" that you can download for free HERE. The Natura Elite archtop features Big Leaf Maple back, sides and neck; and a Sitka Spruce top. The bindings are made of Macassar...

Fanned Fret Steel String Acoustic Guitar

Fanned Fret Steel String Acoustic Guitar

This Genesis model fanned fret steel string acoustic guitars is made of cocobolo back and sides with one of my last Lutz spruce tops form the famous Curly Bear tree. It also features my white mother of pearl falling leaf inlays on the fingerboard, bridge, but joint,...

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