The Art Of Lutherie
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The Art Of Lutherie

Introducing a new guitar building website with video courses online now! Watch the sample video below!

One of the greatest parts of my job is the wonderful people I get to meet and talk to everyday. My customers, students, and friends. I feel truly blessed to receive so many emails and phone calls from people around the world encouraging me with kind words about my guitars and from new luthiers seeking ways to better craft their own guitars.

Answering The Call

In addition to inquiry’s about having me craft custom guitars, the number of emails and calls I receive from students and others interested in learning how I make guitars has grown exponentially over the past few years. In response to this wonderful trend I have created a brand new website to focus solely on the art of hand crafting fine guitars!

The Purpose

Hand crafting guitars is something very special to me, something I greatly treasure, and that deeply influences every aspect of my life. I don’t see it as a business or a career to pursue, to me it is the art and the song of my life, one of the reasons I’m here on this earth now at this time and in this place.

As I have grown in my skills and understanding over the years, an interesting and unexpected thing happened to me in the way I perceived and thought about the craft of hand making guitars, what it is really all about, and why it is important to understand it, and preserve it.

The Journey

I can’t say I have it all figured out, but my hope is that I can use the online guitar making courses, forums, and blog to share my experiences as I continue to explore the art of lutherie, both introspectively, by sharing my thoughts and experiences in my own work, and also as I seek out and visit many of the great men and women building guitars today and try to understand what the art of lutherie is to them. I’ll be taking you with me on these adventures through my writings, photos, videos, online guitar classes, and more.

Watch the Video Sample Below from the course: Guitar Care And Maintenance 101, Neck Relief and Bridge Height

To learn more about this course Click Here

I’m really excited about this blog and I am thrilled to be taking you, my readers along with me on this journey to further explore, The Art of Lutherie!

Read a more about my vision for the by visiting the about page here: About

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  2. John Schleicher says:

    I just finished your book The Art of Lutherie, thank you for writing that. I’m a player, and sometimes repair person and gained comsiderable insight from reading about your work, empirical study, and education. I do have a question concerning the use of a zero fret. I prefer the zero fret as to me it enhances tuning stability, action setup, and open note tone relative to fretted note tone. Have you investigated the zero fret? If so I’d love to hear your insight on its use or not use. Thanks again Tom.

    • Tom says:

      Hey John, I am glad you found the book to be helpful! Thanks for taking time to let me know, it means a lot to me.

      The zero fret can be great and makes good sense from a tonal and functional standpoint too. I like use a nut because I want the strings to be firmly anchored in the nut slot. I also like to have total control over how the string relates to the first fret (as far as clearance or height above it). For example, I think a nylon string guitar might have some issues if it were made with a zero fret for the above reasons. It’s an interesting point you make though and probably worth some more experimenting. At the end of the day go with what seems right to you, that is the most important thing.

      Thanks again! Tom

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