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Hand Made 17 inch Archtop Guitar: The Natura Deluxe

The New Natura Deluxe 17 Inch Archtop Guitar When I built my first hand made 17 inch archtop guitar in 1998, I was unaware of the incredible journey that lay before me. Since that time I have tirelessly worked to refine my skills and my designs, in order to obtain the ultimate guitar. Not simply a […]

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Natura Deluxe 16 in Archtop Guitar

The Natura Deluxe Archtop guitar embodies everything I know about visual and tonal harmony. The design of this unique instrument has been tediously and lovingly crafted through years of labor intensive research. It’s refined and subtle elegance is complimented by its breathtaking voice that is unlike any guitar you have ever played. This 2008 Natura […]

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Archtop Guitar Book Series Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the new web based version of my Archtop Guitar book, “The Creation Of the Natura Elite Archtop Guitar“. To Preview the book in its entirety, Purchase a hard cover or soft cover copy of the book, or Download a free high res PDF eBook version, Click The Button Below: Selecting Tone Woods […]

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Bound Archtop Tailpiece

Handmade archtop guitar tailpiece from the Natura Elite II archtop guitar with Ebony with Gold Mother Of Pearl purfling and ebony binding.  

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Archtop Guitar Tailpiece

Handmade Archtop Guitar Tailpiece An artful photo of a solid ebony  handmade archtop guitar tailpiece bound in macassar ebony and lacewood. This design is rock solid and has been carefully researched and developed over the last 12 years to achieve the perfect balance of aesthetic and tonal enhancement to the Natura Model archtop guitar. “Remember to […]

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7 String Modern Acoustic Guitar

If you are looking for a small comfortable acoustic seven string guitar with a deep, powerful bass…. look no further! The G2 seven string model is only 14.5″ wide in the lower bought and yet still has more bass than many guitars much larger. I’m sure you have heard the acoustic seven string guitars where the […]

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Steel String Slotted Headstock

Beautiful Macassar ebony headstock veneer on a Tom Bills slotted headstock steel string acoustic Guitar. A balance of asymetry and funcionality with a modern simplicity that lends itself to an overal feel of elegance. Tuners are custom hand made by Gilbert tuners. To see more photos like this check out the acoustic guitar gallery or […]