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Previously Owned Natura Elite 16 inch Archtop Guitar For Sale

This is a rare and wonderful opportunity for you to be able to own a truly unique previously owned Natura Elite 16 inch archtop guitar. The Natura Elite is the highest model of guitar that I make and it is crafted from the absolute best of all materials obtainable. This is one of my favorite […]

8 years, 1 month ago Posted in: Archtop Guitar, Blog 6
Natura Deluxe 16 in Archtop Guitar

The Natura Deluxe Archtop guitar embodies everything I know about visual and tonal harmony. The design of this unique instrument has been tediously and lovingly crafted through years of labor intensive research. It’s refined and subtle elegance is complimented by its breathtaking voice that is unlike any guitar you have ever played. This 2008 Natura […]

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Slotted Headstock Steel String Guitars For Sale

¬†Steel String 12 Fret Slotted Headstock Guitars For Sale Even though my build list is over 1 year currently for custom orders, I’m writing to let you know about two spec guitars that I have been working on for a while now that are available for sale.¬†They have been in my build list for a […]