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Fanned Fret Guitar: Nylon String

Some days I feel like the most blessed person in the world as I quietly shape and smooth each piece of wood, carefully crafting my next work of art; in this case a new fanned fret guitar. Each time the experience is different, as different and unique as the clients for whom I am creating […]

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Fanned Fret Guitar Headstock

The fanned fret guitar head stock can take many different forms and be treated artistically in many different ways. For this guitar, I chose to keep the fan of the frets to a minimum near the nut and arrange it so that the majority of the scale length difference was at the bridge. I find […]

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Side Sound Hole Nylon String Guitar

Side Sound Hole Nylon String Guitar There are far too many benefits to mention when it comes to having a side soundhole in a nylon string guitar or any guitar for that matter. This one is a feature of a Fan Fret nylon string G2n guitar made of Brazilian Rosewood and German moon spruce with […]

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Understanding Fanned Fret Guitars And Scale Length

To read a new updated and expanded version of this article click here: Fanned Fret Guitars The concept of the multi-scale musical instrument (one in which each string has its own scale length) is not new by any means. It is commonly employed in many instruments such as the piano, harp, and others. This multi-scale arrangement […]

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Fanned Fret Classical Guitar

This G2n nylon string classical guitar has to be one of my favorite instruments that I have ever made. To anyone considering the Fanned Fret Option, I highly recommend it! To read more in depth information and explanations about fanned fret guitars and scale length click the button below. The balance and power that it brings to […]