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Sculpting An Archtop Guitar Time-Lapse Video
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Watch a Time Lapse guitar making video showing my process for hand carving an exceptional piece of highly flamed maple into a back for a 17″ archtop guitar.

In the video, I show about 10hrs of work in around 30 seconds. It starts with a specially seasoned slab of tone-wood that I have carefully joined and cut to the rough shape of the guitar. After hours of carving with various hand tools, planes, and scrapers, (only seconds in the video) eventually reveals the delicately contoured back plate for my most recent archtop guitar featuring graceful sweeping curves and stunning flame figuring in the wood.

10hrs of work in 30 seconds goes by pretty quick, if you want to see a more in-depth explanation of each step and a photo timeline of the process shown in the video click below:

Guitar Making Time Lapse Video and Photo Time-Line

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  1. Duane M Evarts says:

    Sir, I stumbled upon your website while searching for luthier-oriented RSS feed. I just wanted to express a “high level of respect” for your website and luthier skills. You are clearly an individual with a passion for both building guitars and educating people interested in learning “Art of Lutherie”. Respectfully, Duane M Evarts.

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