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This contains most of the images used throughout this website. If you would like to see specific models or types of guitars you can navigate to the portfolio of each type of guitar on the drop down menu under the main portfolio tab.

Handmade Acoustic Guitar: Genesis G2s This is one of my recent Genesis hand
Introducing the Cremona handmade archtop guitar The driving force and inspi
Some days I feel like the most blessed person in the world as I quietly sha
The fanned fret guitar head stock can take many different forms and be trea
Fanned Fret Guitar Side Sound hole The side sound hole is the perfect addit
Fanned Fret Guitar Back Detail The asymmetrical body shape lends itself wel
Side Sound Hole Nylon String Guitar There are far too many benefits to ment
The New Natura Deluxe 17 Inch Archtop Guitar When I built my first hand mad
Close front detail of the Sitka spruce top, quilted Maple bindings and gold
Stunning exhibition grade quilted maple back of the Natura Elite II archtop
Gold Mother of pearl purfling and Quilted maple binding on the Natura Elite
A full front view of the 16″ archtop guitar – The Natura Elite
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