Hand Made 17 inch Archtop Guitar: The Natura Deluxe
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Hand Made 17 inch Archtop Guitar: The Natura Deluxe

The New Natura Deluxe 17 Inch Archtop Guitar

When I built my first hand made 17 inch archtop guitar in 1998, I was unaware of the incredible journey that lay before me. Since that time I have tirelessly worked to refine my skills and my designs, in order to obtain the ultimate guitar. Not simply a scientific and logical advancement in design, though that is necessary in some regard, but I wanted more, I wanted a guitar with a true voice. A guitar that was responsive and alive, an instrument that could interact with the player and work together with him or her to bring out their best and most inspiring music.

Hand Made 17 inch Archtop Guitar F Hole Bound with Maple
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For the last 15 years my guitars have been steadily evolving and moving ever closer to fully realizing my personal goals as I fervently explored every possible option and technique for creating this ultimate guitar I was striving for. I am happy to report that all of the hard work is paying off, and it is with great pleasure that I can introduce you to the newly refined 2013 Natura Deluxe 17″ Archtop Guitar.

This hand made 17 inch archtop guitar contains the sum total of all that I know and all that I am. Every bit of knowledge, insight, and understanding that I have been amassing is contained within this guitar model. Just in the last two years alone, I have made over 100 refinements and improvements. The sum total of these break through features and artistic refinements add up to something greater than the whole, something beyond what I know and can fully comprehend, an instrument that is truly special and with a voice as unique and individual as you and your music.

Hand Made 17 inch Archtop Guitar Headstock
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The most important refinements are hard to describe, but easy to hear and see. Some have to do with the subtle adjustments I make to the voicing and very fine tuning of all the different elements of the guitar to bring the instrument as a whole into a state of harmony; both tonally and visually.

The guitar pictured here is the new Natura Deluxe 17″ which is currently the centerpiece of one of the worlds most extensive archtop guitar collections.


Some of the features of the new 17 inch Natura Deluxe Archtop Guitar include:


Hand Made 17 inch Archtop Guitar  by Tom Bills
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  • Warm and Complex Tone
  • Ultra Comfortable Action and Playability
  • Acoustically Powerful and Responsive
  • 25″ scale
  • Lower Bought 17″
  • 3 3/8″ Side Depth (L5 Size)
  • Master Grade Aged Curly Bear Lutz Spruce Top
  • Private Collection Master Grade Big Leaf Maple Back and Sides
  • Fossil Walrus Ivory Nut
  • Mother Of Pearl Logo & Falling leaf Inlays
  • Two way Truss Rod
  • Double Carbon Fiber Neck Reinforcement
  • 1¾” nut width
  • Deeply Flamed Big Leaf Maple Binding on Body and F holes
  • Ebony Bound headstock, finger board, pick guard, and tailpiece
  • Solid Ebony; Headstock veneer, bridge, Pick-guard, and Tail-piece
  • Custom Made Lollar Johnny Smith  Pickup
  • Invisible String Ground
  • Fine Tuning Capabilities for String Tension & Tonal Balance
  • Hand Rubbed French Polish shellac Varnish Finish
  • Double Reflex Tuning
  • Grain-matched, Hand-split Tone Bars
  • Tap Tuning
  • Hand-graduated Sound Board and Back
  • T³ tuning machine holes
  • Multi-Laminated Head Stock
  • Gotoh Antique Gold Delta Series tuners with black Knobs
  • Highest Quality Volume and Tone Controls (under pick guard mount)
  • Hoffee Flight Case

Currently accepting a limited number of custom orders for this model.

For pricing, availability, and other information, Contact me HERE

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  1. Bill Robinson says:

    No need to reply–I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy looking at your guitars. They are SO beautiful, and the sound I heard on the clips on the website was so deep and rich, that I ALMOST want to learn to play a guitar. Almost. At age 73 I have neither the patience or time to learn to play, and my lack of rhythm has not deserted me over the years. I still keep time a half beat off the real beat, sometimes ahead, sometimes behind, seldom on.

    Keep up the masterpiece making. In my third next life I will be able to say I sorta knew Tom Bills, a true artist and master craftsman.


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