The Art Of Sound
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Building a guitar is more than just cutting wood or following a recipe. Every guitar is unique and every piece of wood a one of a kind, just like you and your music.

The richness of the process and the journey I take with each client and in creating each guitar is difficult to express in words. This video shows a glimpse into the heart of my craft that drives me to do what I do and make the choices I make with my guitars.

Video By Rodgers Townsend, Bus9 Productions, and Electropolis Studios

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2 Responses

  1. Lawrence says:

    Hi Tom

    Great video shot, I am inspired by your luthier work and design. Today, the guitar design and making processes are still in infancy stage after Torres invented the new design and bigger sound.
    But I believe that your works will be recognised by other guitarists and luthiers whom try to innovate and create new sound of the guitar.
    The art of making the guitar is a mixture of science and craftsmanship.

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