Genesis G2n German Spruce Classical Guitar
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Genesis G2n German Spruce Classical Guitar

German Spruce Nylon String  Classical Guitar
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Genesis G2n German Spruce Classical Guitar with Malaysian Blackwood back/sides and Koa binding.

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  1. Rod says:

    This instrument resides in New Mexico, along with a companion Solo 16″ non cut-away in violin shade. The guitar is powerful, has a well developed fundamental, sings, has developed it’s own character and is more eye-popping in person than the photos can suggest.
    It has been a joy to work with Tom on two instruments, with a third in the planning stages; a 7- string:fan fret classical.
    As a classical guitarist and have a full stable of wonderful instruments, however, the direction the guitar will go in time is indicated by the vision and stunning craftsmanship exemplified from – Tom Bills.
    Blessings Tom.

  2. Mark Roberts says:

    Hi Tom,

    More really beautiful work. I’m interested in your bridge attachment.
    Are you using hide glue or Titebond.

    Are you using a vacuum clamp for attaching your bridge during gluing? I have gone to a vacuum clamp for all of my bridges and I love it.
    Beautifully simple string attachment for nylon string.


    • Tom says:


      I do use Hideglue for some things but the bridge is glued with Tightbond. Mainly because I need the extra working time for the vacuum clamp you mentioned. The key is to make sure the glue joint is an absolutely perfect fit (regardless of adhesive) and is wood to wood over the entire surface of the bridge. Some builders leave some finish under the bridge but I feel that compromises the quality of the joint.

      The string attachment is something I really love and that I feel is an improvement to the sound as well. Its very difficult to execute because the strings go under the saddle in a shaped tunnel which has to be carefully drilled with pin vises to extremely tight tolerances. I think its worth the effort though and I’m glad you like it too! Thanks again! -Tom

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