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G2s 12 Fret Acoustic Guitar
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G2s 12 Fret Acoustic Guitar
Genisis G2s 12 Fret Acoustic Guitar with Bear Claw Spruce and Beautiful Brazilian Rosewood.

G2s 12 Fret Acoustic Guitar
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The 12 Fret slotted headstock version of the Geneis G2 acoustic guitar has become one of my most popular models. The lower bought is only 14.5″ wide but the sound is amazingly full and rich. The 12 fret neck lets the bridge be positioned in a more optimal spot for obtaining the best overall tone and power. Even at the 25.4 scale length this guitar has a very deep and powerful bass that is quick and tight. Alternate tunings are perfect for this guitar because of its dark yet clear voice, rich trebles, and powerful bass response,

I usually refer to these guitars as “12 Fret” but the asymmetry of the body actually makes it a 13 fret neck joint on the treble side. So you get the added richness and power of the “12 fret” neck but only have the neck/body joint located one fret less than the usual 14 fret joint position traditionally seen on many acoustic guitars. In addition the asymmetry of the body gives added access to the upper frets which also aids in a more comfortable reach to the higher notes.

For even better access to upper frets, check out my elevated fingerboard version of this model.

The bearclaw Spruce top on this guitar was one of the best I have ever used. Its looks are great but it was amazingly light and resonant. The lower mass gives the guitar extraordinary power and sensitivity without sacrificing structural integrity.

This steel string  guitar also features abalone perfling inlay around the top and the fingerboard edges. A nice contrast to the dark ebony bindings and rich red/brown Brazilian Rosewood back and sides.

To learn more about the Genesis G2 acoustic guitars check out the specs or the portfolio by clicking the buttons below.

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As always, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below , call, or e-mail. I enjoy talking with my customers and hope to hear from you soon! – Tom

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