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Fine Tuning Your Life – Podcast
Fine Tuning Your Life - Podcast

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Whether your a guitar player or collector or simply someone who appreciates art, I hope you’ll enjoy this podcast I’m sharing with you today. I recently had the great pleasure of discussing the finer points of art & guitars, plus a little bit about my personal story, background, & approach to hand crafting guitars with Keith Struthers from NaturalsCool. (NaturalsCool is a South African producer of podcasts featuring innovative designers from around the world.)

A few words from NaturalsCool about what you’ll hear in this podcast:

“The theme implicit in this discussion, is a leitmotif common to all artists – what we create, creates us at the same time.

As the creative process challenges, stretches and frets us, we change. Over time, even decades, our thinking can become sharper, our feelings deepened and our capacities strengthen and fine tuned. These qualities percolate into all aspects of us. They gradually become the recomposed melody of our life.”


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Special thanks to Keith Struthers and Shannon Flynn for inviting me to take part is this inspiring discussion

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