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Fanned Fret Guitar Headstock
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Fanned Fret Guitar Headstock

The fanned fret guitar head stock can take many different forms and be treated artistically in many different ways. For this guitar, I chose to keep the fan of the frets to a minimum near the nut and arrange it so that the majority of the scale length difference was at the bridge. I find this to be more comfortable, as having too much angle at the nut can lead to awkward wrist motion in the first playing position.

Fanned Fret Guitar
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A feature not seen much on fanned fret guitars is the slotted headstock. I think it has to do with the fact that incorporating the fanned fret system with a slotted headstock further complicates the already challenging array of geometric relationships and requirements present for the guitar to play and sound its best. My goal was overcome and surpass the requirements and to make it look as refined and uncomplicated as possible.


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