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Handmade Acoustic Guitar: Genesis

Handmade Acoustic Guitar: Genesis G2s This is one of my recent Genesis handcrafted steel string guitars featuring Brazilian Rosewood, German spruce, and other exotic woods and materials. The Design Process When designing this guitar with my client and friend, he wanted me to create a guitar with a “Wow” factor, but at the same time, one […]

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The Cremona Archtop Guitar

Introducing the Cremona handmade archtop guitar The driving force and inspiration for my work as a luthier has always been rooted in never saying a design is good enough, in relentlessly pursuing higher and higher levels of excellence, and continual refinement in vision and sound. This newest iteration of my archtop guitar model continues this tradition […]

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Fanned Fret Guitar: Nylon String

Some days I feel like the most blessed person in the world as I quietly shape and smooth each piece of wood, carefully crafting my next work of art; in this case a new fanned fret guitar. Each time the experience is different, as different and unique as the clients for whom I am creating […]

The Art Of Lutherie Book & DVD Guitar Making Book

The Art Of Lutherie Book /DVD I am thrilled to let you know that my new book is now available for sale!!! – Click Here If you play guitar  professionally or just for fun, or if you’re a luthier and have built 1 or 100 guitars, you probably will agree — there is always more […]

I'm Not A Guitar Maker: I Just Make Guitars

I don’t know about you, but in order to be fully connected with my work and fully invested emotionally in it, I have to be clear on what I’m actually doing. What is the point of it all, why is it important? When I sort through all the different layers and levels to get down […]

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Hand Made 17 inch Archtop Guitar: The Natura Deluxe

The New Natura Deluxe 17 Inch Archtop Guitar When I built my first hand made 17 inch archtop guitar in 1998, I was unaware of the incredible journey that lay before me. Since that time I have tirelessly worked to refine my skills and my designs, in order to obtain the ultimate guitar. Not simply a […]

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Carving A Maple Back

Most of the time I feel like I am watching someone else do the work, like I’m watching my hands remove the wood thats in the way of the elegant curves that need to be created to bring out the unique voice of the wood.  Its hard work, extremely labor intensive, but rewarding. Click here to see […]

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Flamed Maple Back
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Brazilian Rosewood back
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G2n fingerboard close up