Archtop Guitar Tailpiece
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Archtop Guitar Tailpiece

Handmade Archtop Guitar Tailpiece

An artful photo of a solid ebony  handmade archtop guitar tailpiece bound in macassar ebony and lacewood. This design is rock solid and has been carefully researched and developed over the last 12 years to achieve the perfect balance of aesthetic and tonal enhancement to the Natura Model archtop guitar.

I’m planning to write a more in-depth article in the near future explaining more about these beautiful tail pieces on my blog, so check back in to see whats new on my blog
Archtop Guitar Pictures

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  1. Russell Ranno says:

    Hey Tom,

    Wow, what beautiful guitars! Someday I hope to be able to afford one of your archtops…
    In the meanwhile, any chance of getting an ebony tailpiece (not bound, etc) from you for my Eastman?


    • Tom says:


      Thanks for the kind words! Unfortunately I cant sell the archtop tailpieces separately because of the amount of work it takes to make it and mostly because the quality of ebony that I use is very rare and expensive. The grain direction and other aspects of it are nearly flawless and I can only find enough of this precious wood to use on my own guitars.

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